Inflation in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) continues to soar while the American economy remains depressed. (One million more Americans are expected to lose their homes in 2011.)

Many Chinese look to invest in the United States. (In the first half of 2010, China’s investments in the U.S. rose 360%.) The average Chinese investor, however, lacks knowledge of American business practices and lacks access to opportunities there.

China-U.S. Investment Consultants (CUSIC) is uniquely qualified to assist Chinese who wish to invest in America, whether they reside in the PRC or in the States. CUSIC can help the organization of a new business, buying commercial property, buying an apartment, negotiating contracts, or applying for EB-5 preferred status.

The CUSIC group is headed by a former lawyer for the United States government who has four year’s experience in Beijing in business. Based in New York, the CUSIC group includes a private security firm specializing in financial “due diligence”; a public accounting firm with five Chinese accountants; two law firms with expertise in domestic and international transactions; and a tax specialist with twenty seven year’s experience as a manager with the Internal Revenue Service.

CUSIC members own and manage buildings in New York City. They have even converted properties from commercial to “mixed use.” They owned rural property which they have divided into residential parcels. That range of experience will benefit investors interested in real estate opportunities. For those whose investment strategies extend beyond realty, CUSIC will seek opportunities to match their goals.

The bottom line is this: CUSIC will tailor its services to the particular need of a client. Whether it be a business strategy or a personal objective.